UCAT Preparation Courses Can Help Get You into Medicine

About our program

  • We are working with Professors and the Deans of Major Universities in both the Medicine and Education faculties and and government bodies to ensure that our question bank is relevant and responsible.
  • Our profits will provide scholarships to pre-medicine students at UNSW (University of NSW).
  • We had a 95% success rate based on a 10 week program of 306 students held at the University of Sydney late 2018.
  • Affordable and reliable UCAT practice at only AUD$50 per week.
  • A suite of questions are provided to each student depending on age, year and what would be best for them. We have thousands of questions for you to practice in our question bank.
  • We have mentors who can provide your son/daughter extra help on areas they are weak on.
  • Our program is honest, legitimate and have been constructed to emulate the true UCAT ANZ and UKCAT (Now simply UCAT in the UK) exam. We are the first UCAT preparation program in Australia.
  • There is thorough and instantaneous feedback for all quizzes but if students have difficulty understanding the answers then they are able to contact their mentor.

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Gaining entry into any medical school in any country is a challenge. It is unfortunate that too many students with exceptional academic results have failed UMAT (not UCAT at the time) which denied them the chance to fulfil their career aspirations as they do not have access to practice questions. This has been a recent conversation that our CEO had with professors from the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW and Faculty of Education. We want all students to gain the benefits private colleges offer at an affordable rate and better. We will help you excel in this important exam by mentoring and challenging you. We do not believe that education should be expensive, and that the more expensive a program is, the better the quality. Here we provide genuine questions for AUD$50 a week only regardless of age and year. We will provide you with practice for all five sections of the UCAT ANZ and UKCAT (now UCAT) test until the date of your exam. We will provide you advice on how to maximise your chances of gaining entry into any of the 11 medical schools in Australia. Join now and begin forging your career!


The UCAT ANZ is a compulsory entry requirement for our Australia and New Zealand Consortium universities. You are required to sit the test by 31 July 2019 if you are intending to apply for entry in 2020 to a relevant course or programme listed below. UCAT results cannot be carried over from one year to the next. For example, results from UCAT ANZ 2019 can only be used to apply for courses commencing in 2020.

Why choose UCAT Preparation Australia?


We are committed to helping you excel. Take the first step towards your career. Unlike many programs, our UCAT preparation includes monitoring our students’ progress each week.

  • We provide each student with a mentor.
  • We provide students advice in terms of their school subjects, their grades and what must be done to get into Medicine.
  • We provide holistic help, not simply UCAT.
  • We educate students to understand that a great UCAT score is not the only necessary component in gaining entry into Medicine.
  • We encourage time management in order to make sure they become responsible students.
  • After each Session a simulation of the true test is provided. Students have the option of having more than one simulated test. Each extra test with UCAT preparation questions costs AUD$50 for the 233 question, 2-hour test. Students are provided two free mock tests (Mock Test A and Mock Test B for each session.

We hope that the process of UCAT Preparation is kept honest and trustworthy and of course beneficial for the younger generation.

We keep our communication with you open at all times

  • We provide almost instantaneous responses to any questions regarding the program.
  • We believe that in our UCAT program, for a successful UCAT preparation, the student and their parents should work together as a team.
  • We make sure all channels of communication are open, and encourage students to ask questions regarding their academic progress, even though it is not about UCAT.
  • We encourage our students to plan for their futures. Everyone works differently and therefore our advice is tailored to the student.
  • We give students UCAT preparation questions and can provide more practice upon request.
  • After each Session a simulation of the true test is provided. Students have the option of having more than one simulated test. Each test costs AUD$50 for the 233 question, 2-hour test.

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Who we are

We are a dedicated group of educators, psychologists, members of MENSA, people of ACER and doctors who follow our mission to provide a means to practice UCAT for aspiring health professionals for a fraction of the cost provided by private colleges. We have the necessary people in our team to provide resources for UCAT ANZ and UKCAT most of our team are people with 12 years experience with UKCAT which is now the same as UCAT ANZ.

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What we do

We provide senior students the opportunity to learn the strategies of UCAT without the exorbitant prices private colleges offer. We are the No.1 go to place for UCAT Practice. As with all examinations, there is a learning curve students need to conquer. We do not believe that previous UMAT practice colleges possess legitimate and responsible resources to provide adequate UCAT preparation. We have the relevant people working for us and with us to make our program responsible and honest. We want to provide the best UCAT courses for Australian students in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other locations.


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We do not believe in exploiting students who aspire for medicine or dentistry. We also believe that UCAT cannot be conquered in a short crash course. We believe that our UCAT students need time (over many months to a year) to get used to question types and format of the UCAT test. Therefore given five subtests per week, our UCAT preparation courses cost is AUD$50 per week only. Apply Now!

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We feel that senior students from Years 10, 11 and 12 are capable of practicing UCAT. It is a journey that our mentors provide students with extra help and to hold hands along the way. At the end of each Session, a report by that mentor is written to allow parents to be aware of their child’s strengths and weaknesses with each UCAT subtest. Here are the three possible programs we have scheduled for each year group. Our question bank for UCAT is prodigious with thousands of questions available to all students. 

To conquer UCAT, our philosophy is that there is a learning curve that must be conquering. No seminar, “technique training” will be useful as every question has a different approach, different methodology, different style and is generally unpredictable. It is as the cliche saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Our students become successful because they have had sufficient and continual practice with their mentor. To learn more about our programs select the program relevant to you.


UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) is now a test that is done through a computer at specified locations around Australia. It is similar to the United Kingdom’s UKCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test), and is now known as UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand) for those in Australia and New Zealand. UKCAT existed for 12 years in the UK before Australia and New Zealand adopted this aptitude test.

Our teaching philosophy has always been that the intense and exorbitant two week, one week or weekend singular courses were exploitative to students who wished to gain entry into medicine and dentistry or other health sciences. This is why UCAT Preparation and Scholaris Education has worked in creating a comparatively inexpensive but effective course that upholds the same quality and value as a more expensive course.

Our team has worked closely with UCAT ANZ and UKCAT in order to reproduce a practice course for students who wish to have practice for the five sections of the new UCAT test as closely as possible.

Section 1: Verbal Reasoning
Section 2: Decision Making
Section 3: Quantitative Reasoning
Section 4: Abstract Reasoning
Section 5: Situational Judgement

Together with Canvas LMS, we hope to provide students with high quality, honest and sufficient weekly practice prior to their test. We and our current students firmly understand and believe that a short expensive program is not useful. We also keep track of the progress of each student and provide them with the time and space of weekends to do the practice questions online at the comfort and privacy of their homes. No two students will receive the same question as they are shuffled for the benefit of young learners. It now costs AUD$50 per week and you can join any time. However, there is a commitment of a minimum of ten sessions as we wish for students to gain full benefit of the course to see how it works and how they can improve over time. The sooner you join, the better for you as you gain more practice than others. Peruse this website and join our other students in aiming high!


Natasha B. Current student of UCAT Preparation

I would say that the good thing about this program is that it is a commitment to come weekly, and to overcome the learning curve for understanding UCAT takes months to a year. This is why I say you can’t hope to conquer UCAT in two days, a few days or two weeks or other crash courses that other private colleges offer at exorbitant prices. The question styles are unpredictable, you need to learn strategy, and keep going at it until you gain confidence in UCAT.”

Jason L. Current student of UCAT Preparation

The first thought that comes into mind when you think of UMAT or UCAT is how difficult it would be. It was nothing compared to what I had expected. The weekly practice gave me hope, the hope that I could actually be a doctor someday. I’ve never had lofty ambitions, but UCAT Preparation has changed that for me. Under their tutelage my parents and I feel that I have matured and have become more serious about my education.”

Samantha A. Current student of UCAT Preparation

Becoming a doctor is so difficult now, I want to have high aspirations, but the UCAT exam just gives me some anxiety as to whether I will succeed. This program provides me with weekly materials and are timed to prevent me from procrastinating. The best thing is that I know that the material is relevant and does not exploit its students. Even though my parents can afford to provide me with a private school education, I think that this UCAT program provides opportunity for all Australian students. We should feel lucky that there is one program that cares more for its students rather than their revenue.”

Karen M. Current student of UCAT Preparation

I believe that a person can only learn something properly if they are trained over weeks as I currently am and having seen so many of the UCAT questions, I can see why many people who have such high ATARS cannot get into Medicine or Dentistry. It’s not just about your academic marks that need to be high, you still need an excellent UCAT score. I find the short crash course programs stressful and pointless not only because you’re charged so much in the hundreds and thousands for so little.” 

Daria H. Current student of UCAT Preparation

I was so excited to begin this course because I love to problem solve. Of course, I am trying to do what I can to gain entry into Medical School or Dentistry. I wish to live a purpose driven life. Before I was afraid that UCAT stood in the way of my entry into these courses. But with this program, not only does it allow for me to work flexibly, but it also reminds me to practice UCAT regularly. As each set of questions is enough for each week even with assessments, I feel peace of mind because the Support team is so helpful. I hope I will succeed UCAT next year.”

Timothy H. Current student of UCAT Preparation

I love the professionalism and appropriate questions and challenges this program provides. I get excited about the next set of questions they open access each week. The problem solving is mind-boggling, but there is a thrill of getting the questions right, and also learning why you get questions wrong. You need to take this seriously in order to learn. Through this experience, I personally feel I am growing by learning from my mistakes. I’m so much more confident with UCAT now and it has become like a hobby as I separate it with school work and I don’t treat it like a chore.”

Scholaris Education

Robert Sullivan
Managing Director of Scholaris Education

Our mission

The youth of today are our future. UCAT ANZ or UKCAT is the most difficult aptitude test for high school students. Our mission is to make UCAT more accessible in terms of question style, problem solving, utilising logic, situational judgement and decision making to produce skilled doctors. The medical community are confronted with such situations almost every day. I’m positive that through this program, students will begin to understand what is required of the medical industry.