UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) has been replaced with UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand) for those in Australia and New Zealand. It was adopted from the United Kingdom’s UKCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test), and is now known as UCAT and has existed for 12 years in the UK before Australia and New Zealand adopted this aptitude test.

Our teaching philosophy has always been that the intense and exorbitant two week, one week or weekend singular courses were exploitative to students who wished to gain entry into medicine and dentistry or other health sciences. This is why UCAT Education and Scholaris Education has worked in creating a comparatively inexpensive but effective course that upholds the same quality and value as a more expensive course.

Our team has worked closely with UCAT ANZ and UKCAT in order to reproduce a practice course for students who wish to have practice for the five subtests of the new UCAT test as closely as possible. 

The UCAT ANZ test is a 2-hour test (the Standard Test) based on five parts:

Subtest 1: Verbal Reasoning
Subtest 2: Decision Making
Subtest 3: Quantitative Reasoning
Subtest 4: Abstract Reasoning
Subtest 5: Situational Judgement

The test is a computer-based test and is done once a year at locations all over Australia and New Zealand. Together with Canvas LMS, we hope to provide students with high quality, honest and sufficient weekly practice prior to their test. We and our current students firmly understand and believe that a short expensive program is not useful. We also keep track of the progress of each student and provide them with the time and space of weekends to do the practice questions online at the comfort and privacy of their homes. No two students will receive the same question as they are shuffled for the benefit of young learners. It now costs AUD$50 per month and you can join any time. However, there is a commitment of a minimum of ten sessions as we wish for students to gain full benefit of the course to see how it works and how they can improve over time. The sooner you join, the better for you as you gain more practice than others. Peruse this website and join our other students in aiming high!


To be eligible to sit for the the UCAT ANZ test:

  • If you are in high school, you must be be in your final year, Year 12 in Australia, Year 13 in New Zealand.
  • Students who are in Australian Year 11 cannot take the test even though they are sitting for at least one Year 12 subject.
  • For non-high-school leavers, if you have commenced a bachelor degree or completed a bachelor degree you are eligible depending on the conditions of your goal medical school. Be sure that you know the conditions of each medical school. If you have completed an undergraduate degree, you may be more suited to sit for the GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) exam for Medicine and Dentistry.

Be sure to check the rules of the university that you are planning to apply to before sitting for the UCAT ANZ test.


UCATSEN ANZ (Special Educational Needs) is designed for students who are entitled to extra time in all public examinations. They are given 25% extra time when sitting for the test. At least 10 working days are required before the date of your test if you wish to seek approval for this version of the test. The test is exactly the same as UCAT ANZ. Students who are usually eligible to sit for this version of the test have medical conditions that prevent them from learning or being examined well.

If you wish to see if you are eligible for UCATSEN ANZ, we advise you e-mail the UCAT ANZ office:



To see the question types for each Subtest in better detail, please click on the blue links on the table above.

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