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UCAT Medical Test Structure – Sample Questions & Papers

UCAT test will be required in Australia and New Zealand universities in 2019 for all 2020 applications for medical, dentistry and clinical science degree programs. The UCAT is a computer-based practical test that goes over two hours and cannot be paused once started. There are five sections that need to be completed and you aren’t allowed to skip between each section.

There are a total of 233 UCAT test questions designed to test a range of mental abilities. When taking the UCAT exam, you will be tested on several key areas: Verbal Reasoning (44 questions), Decision Making (29 questions), Quantitative Reasoning (36 questions), Abstract Reasoning (55 questions) and Situational Judgement(69 questions).

UCAT Test Sample Questions

If you undertake a course with us, you will get access to sample UCAT test papers so you’re aware of how the structure of the exam and questions will look like. That way you can go in fully prepared for what will be given to you in your UCAT exam.


If you wish to view example questions and the layout, please try our demo sitelogin using the credentials:


Try the quizzes first to have some experience of our program. Remember our true program should provide you with more information tailored to every applicant.

It is important for you to sit for a full UCAT practice test, which includes time limits and compulsory questions, so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and are well prepared beforehand. This also gives you an opportunity to work out which areas you struggle with so you can try out more UCAT test sample questions from that section.

It’s also a great way to familiarise yourself with UCAT-style questions.

How we can help you ace your UCAT test in Australia

There are different strategies to take when answering questions in the different sections. By looking at UCAT sample questions we will help you better understand ways to asses and approach questions, so you’ll be able to produce the correct answer.

We provide different sessions for our students with each session being more difficult than the previous. We’ll start off with fewer questions before working our way up to a final UCAT practice test that follows the number of questions, the time limits and structure of the actual UCAT medical test.

If you find that you would like to do more full length UCAT practice tests, we can give them to you for an additional AUD$50 each (a full 233 question quiz).

Here at UCAT Preparation Australia we aim to give you the best groundwork to make sure you have a comprehensive knowledge of this test so you will be able to get into the medical school of your choice. Apply to our courses today or email us at to find out more.

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