Before you decide to commit to having your child being taken care of academically, you need to trust the tutor, which is why you need to understand who I am. Therefore rather than broadcasting to the world who I am here on this very public website, I ask of you to contact me through to help you understand me better. There is much about my teaching life I would like to share. And I will do so once you are in touch with me.

My e-mail is:

And either through phone or meet-up if you are based in Sydney, I will gladly meet you and your child to help them achieve their academic dreams. I specialise in teaching with a goal, in making a person and my official role is to be a study coordinator.

I have taught for 17 years, and I feel that my achievements in tutoring is within the results of my students for gained entry into Medicine, Dentistry or Law. My proof? I still keep in touch with them as they now look to me as a “life mentor”. Of all the academic achievements I have had in life, I do not think that no matter how many letters there are under my name, tutoring is not beneath me. I believe teaching is honourable as much as being a doctor because it changes a person’s life.

My specialties include up to Extension II English, Extension II Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. I have written material for schools for lesson material which which part of the reason why I still love tutoring to this day.


University students are not suitable tutors but are less expensive. Our team leader for tutors is Dr Serena Park who is available at a rate of AUD$100/hr for long distance tutoring after initial meet up. She has taught 401 students during this time where 89% of her students have gained entry into Medicine at the University of NSW, the University of New CastleQueensland University and Monash University. She has gained popularity in her local community during this time, and will act as a mentor for your child should they need coaching. She is quite stringent in her requirements because of the aim she wishes to achieve for her students (Medicine, Dentistry, etc).

However upon meeting her you will understand her reasons. Book a time with her and as we have made this offer to our students who have completed UCAT ANZ, but still require academic help, Serena has kindly offered her time and we are positive you will not regret working with Serena. If you wish to meet with her in person, we can help arrange this for you and your child. Subjects that she can cover include Maths up to Extension 2 Maths, English, Chemistry and Physics.

Academic consultation with Dr. Serena Park

Only complete this form if you have contacted her via or by phone and you have definitely made an agreement with her.
  • Price: $ 10.00
    Initial consultation and then if required, 2-hour lesson based on either English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Biology.
    I agree to the terms and conditions of UCAT Education's Director of Studies and the student will remain professional and respectful on both ends and if there are problems, I will contact the administration at
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