For Year 10 students, they have a choice whether or not to be trained in UCAT and that freedom contributes to the ‘joy factor’ for this program. Yes, they are starting early, but also it is a way to gain maximum practice and maximum confidence for the UCAT exam. The cost of the weekly practice is AUD$50 per month for 233 questions per week. Each Session is 10 weeks where the number of questions are allocated according to the ratio of questions in the true UCAT exam. There are 5 Sessions which represents 50 weeks of practice all year. After each session, Year 10 students will receive two free Mock Tests that is very similar to the true UCAT exam. 

A discussion with their mentors, and a report if required after each Session are provided to insight into the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Mentors also help students with time management and provide more questions in terms of their weaknesses. They also assist in school work. If the quizzes are done weekly, with one subtest a day, students should be able to manage completing the questions. We do not want Year 10 students to procrastinate and leave all the quizzes to the end of the week as this is not ideal practice. Think “A subtest a day makes a doctor one day!”

2019 Year 10 UCAT Education Session Calendar

Below is the annual calendar for Year 10 students wanting to join our program. As you can see, there are 5 sessions, and each session is 1 week. Each month it is AUD$50 for 233 questions covering all subtests each week. At the end of each Session you will receive a Mock Test of the true exam and then an electronic report. If you find it difficult to read this letter, imagine it is the 20th of March. Then we would be placing you into Session 2 Week 1. You may or may not opt to do the previous quizzes you missed – the choice is up to you!

Download the PDF of this calendar

Below are details for each Session 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. We show you the number of questions in the real test compared to the weekly test each week. You will notice that our weekly practice questions reflect upon the ‘ratio’ of questions. For example, why we have more situational reasoning questions per week.

Year 10 Session 1

Session 1 runs for ten weeks, where students are provided practice questions as shown below. The time limit for the first Session is generous (3 hours extra) for students to complete their quizzes. The purpose of this is for them to have a ‘feel’ of the question types that will be in the true test. They have two full hours to ‘study’ the questions, spend some time thinking about the questions and take their time to think about each quiz. Hurrying up to complete the quiz is not the priority, it is about you learning from mistakes and studying each question type.

Year 10 Session 2

Session 2 runs for ten weeks. This time there is a time restriction of 2 hours and 30 minutes more than the expected time for students to finish each quiz.

Year 10 Session 3

Session 3 is again ten weeks, with each week there are the same number of questions 2 hours extra to complete each quiz. Year 10 students need to understand that in the real test there is very little time for each question. Therefore the training is to not only provide practice but also help students be able to ultimately reach the goal time.

Year 10 Session 4

Year 10 Session 4 has further restrictions. Students will have 1 hour and 30 minutes extra to their goal time. 


Year 10 Session 5 has a time limit that is 1 hour more than the true test. As you will have ten weeks worth of these quizzes, remember, this is the first time you are restricted to the true time limit and therefore you will have sufficient practice. 

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