Your Medical Portfolio is a compilation of information, credentials and references that will make your applications stronger. An example of this would be evidence of hospital work experience. Involvement in community service, etc. This is important because it demonstrates that you are a well-rounded individual who is capable of teamwork as well as leadership skills as well as a recognition that you are interested in the field of medicine. It is what makes you uniquely you.

Not only are medical admissions interested in students with high academic scores and UCAT ANZ scores, they are concerned with unique students who have a desire genuinely help those in need and an interest in the field of Medicine. In your interview (should you get one), simply stating that you are interested in helping people is not as effective as having had experience helping people first hand. There are five parts to the portfolio: 1) My Profile, 2) My Statement, 3) My Experience 4) My Results 5) My References.

We would love to share move with you, however, as this Medical Portfolio is privy to our students only, we would like to keep some information private until you join the program.

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